steadyPRINT Agent ist offline, VPD Druckjobs werden nicht verarbeitet

Description of the problem

The steadyPRINT Agent does not start correctly and switches to offline mode after a certain time.

It may also occur that the Agent seems to function properly but no printout is created via VPD printers. This is a user-specific problem.

Reason: A possible reason might be that the paths under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SteadySuite\SteadyPrint are incorrect. At the first start of the steadyPRINT Agent in the context of a user, these entries are filled out of the environment variables. If e.g. the path changes due to a change of name, the steadyPRINT Agent can no longer access the registered entries.


If the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SteadySuite\SteadyPrint is deleted, it will be recreated and filled in the user context at the next restart of the steadyPRINT Agent. As an alternative, the variables %temp% and %appdata% can be used.

ID: sP00000 | Created on: 18-NOV-2020

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