Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.8.0

steadyPRINT Features & Additions, Modifications and Bug Fixes in version 8.8.0

The steadyPRINT hybrid technology provides a central print server on the one hand which is used for the data storage of printers including all related settings as well as the integrated Windows Driver Store. On the other hand hybrid printers can be created which will be running independently after their installation. Printers are assigned as local IP printers with the configuration being carried out centrally. A print server failure has thus no influence on the client-side printing process.

Features & Additions Description
steadyPRINT WebCenter: The new WebCenter The new WebCenter gradually provides the steadyPRINT features of the Desktop Center on the Web. In the first step, the following features have been implemented:

  • Central view for the printer environment
  • Central view for the Active Directory
  • Administration of assignments
  • Administration of general settings
  • Administration of vName printers
  • Dashboard for the general overview
  • Session overview
  • Authentification via Active Directory
steadyPRINT Hybrid: Printing without print server Mit der Hybridtechnologie von steadyPRINT steht zum einen ein zentraler Druckserver zur Verfügung, der zur Datenhaltung für Drucker mit den dazugehörigen Einstellungen sowie den integrierten Windows Driver Store genutzt wird. Zum anderen besteht die Möglichkeit, Hybrid-Drucker zu erstellen, die nach der Einrichtung autark laufen. Drucker werden als lokale IP-Drucker zugewiesen, wobei die Konfiguration zentral durchgeführt wird. Ein Ausfall des Druckservers hat dann keinen Einfluss auf den clientseitigen Druckvorgang.
steadyPRINT VPD: Native support of PCL documents steadyPRINT is now able to natively process PCL documents within the context of RAW printing.
steadyPRINT Center: Synchronization | Improved administration of input trays, media formats and printer features in various layers The administration of input trays, media formats and printer features has now been moved to the various detailed views of print server, folder and printer. Now, it is no longer necessary to synchronize the printer information again in order to make changes to an existing configuration.
steadyPRINT Center: Forwarding license warnings via e-mail The administration and display of licenses has been extended. This enables the administrator to easily and quickly determine whether the licenses are running short or the subscription is expiring. In order to be able to keep track on the licenses at any time, it is furthermore possible to have an automatic license warning forwarded via e-mail.
steadyPRINT Load Balancing: Support of maintenance mode for Pool Master Service If the maintenance mode is (de)activated via the steadyPRINT Center, the affected Pool Master Service Member status has to be set to (in)active in case of a cluster. This prevents the Pool Master in the VPD cluster from being addressed even though the maintenance mode is active.
steadyPRINT Server: Synchronization | Alignment of printer information via dedicated server components The synchronization of printer information is now being realized with a server component provided on the print server. This simplifies the administration and improves usability, stability and performance.
steadyPRINT Server: Synchronization | Handling of invalid form sizes In order to prevent a misconfiguration in the print, invalid media formats for a printer are now detected instead of synchronized.
steadyPRINT vFlow: Action | Opening files and folders A new workflow action now provides the option to open files and folders during the execution of a workflow.
steadyPRINT vFlow: Action | Adding watermarks The new workflow action now provides the option to add watermarks on the respective pages of a document during the execution of a workflow.
steadyPRINT vFlow: Revised workflow As part of the ongoing development, the workflow has been improved in its usability, stability and performance.
steadyPRINT vFlow: Workflow designer | Support for workflow references The new workflow designer now offers the integration of workflow references. This way, users are now able to drag and drop existing workflows into a new workflow. This process minimizes the work and maintenance effort during the configuration.
steadyPRINT VPD: Support of external SecurePrint solutions steadyPRINT VPD now supports out-of-the-box SecurePrint solutions of other manufacturers.