Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.0.4

steadyPRINT Additions and Bug Fixes in version 8.0.4

Addition Description
Duplex setting in Word is disregarded with Canon printer/driver models With some Canon printers/driver models the page orientation provided by VPD was disregarded. This problem has been fixed.
Taking over PageMediaSize of print server for vDirect printer By default, a VPD printer is created without setting PrintTickets. With english speaking systems for example, this leads to the paper format “”Letter” being stored for the property “”Default Page Media Size””. Especially with globally used terminal server systems this behavior will cause problems for internationally operating companies. A user from Germany might receive an Adobe Reader print preview indicating “”Letter”” by default although the document has been rendered in A4 and stored as PDF-file. At the same time, without further intervention, the printout will be processed in “”Letter”” format. If the printer hardware, however, is configured for A4 paper format, the output on the printer often fails to function without manual intervention.
The VPD printer setting for vDirect printer has been adjusted in a way that the properties PageMediaSize and Orientation will be transferred from the print server. This is to guarantee that the settings for paper size and orientation centrally specified by the administrator are taken over (analogous to usual Windows printer connections).
Bug Fixes Description
Display error when setting default templates If the default template of a printer is modified in the view “Driver” of the global template administration, the default icon is removed with all the other templates. If the user closes and re-opens the view, all icons are visible again. This problem has been fixed.
Tree search with content from cache partly not possible If the tree of the print environment in the steadyPRINT Center is searched fo a printer name which was copied from Excel or a PDF file, the search cannot be performed. Only if the last character of the clipboard content is removed in the search field before the search is started, it will work as usual. This problem has been fixed.
Cross-domain reliability not possible A backup print server can be stored for a primary print server via the steadyPRINT Center. So far, this has only been possible for print servers of the same domain. This problem has been fixed.
Filtering, searching and sorting in global template administration only partly possible
Import of vName assignments The import of vName assignments via the CSV import was not possible. This function was subsequently added and the problem could be fixed.
SecurePrint | QR codes cannot be created The QR codes for SecurePrinting can be created via the steadyPRINT Center due to required printer information. However, there was a problem opening the view. This problem has been fixed.
Deselected paper trays are still active By sychronizing the printer properties in the steadyPRINT Center, the required paper trays can be transferred to steadyPRINT VPD. It is also possible to deselect them so that the user will not be able to make a selection. Due to a display error they are still offered to the users in the driver properties. This problem has been fixed.
PDF-Merger | Several improvements and bug fixes When using the PDF merger the documents that had already been merged were still marked as “New” although they had already been merged to a PDF by the user. Moreover, apart from the new documents also print jobs that had already been processed were displayed for selection in the PDF merger. This problem has been fixed.
Problems with orientation in A3 format In some cases it happened during printing via VPD that a landscape printed A3 document was issued in portrait format. This problem has been fixed.
Page orientation is disregarded with Canon printer/driver models With some Canon printer/driver models the page orientation provided by VPD was disregarded. This problem has been fixed.
vFlow | Environment variable is wrongly displayed The steadyPRINT Workflow offers the option to use and to integrate environment variables. The variable %USERNAME% e.g. is exptected to display the current user, however, the name of the workstation or the terminal server is displayed instead.