Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.0.3

steadyPRINT Modifications and Bug Fixes in version 8.0.3

Modifications Description
Optimization of PrintingGateway Performance In connection with the steadyPRINT PrintingGateway, steadyPRINT VPD prints all print jobs on the server side via the print server to the target printers. In unfavourable constellations we could observe in an IT infrastructure that an unnecessary delay occurred during the printing process. This delay was caused by the query against the respective domain controller. By adapting and optimizing the print job processing, an improved response behavior could be realized.
Bug Fixes Description
Internet Explorer is always used as browser It is possible to enter the printer website via the steadyPRINT Center. In this context, the Internet Explorer is always used. The aim should be to use the default browser stored on the system. This problem has been fixed.
Remote Communication fails In some places of the steadyPRINT Center the remote communication is still done via the pure computer-/NetBIOS name. Independently of the IT infrastructure setting, this might lead to the problem that a communication with remote computers is not possible. The problem has been fixed by using the DNS name.
Validating the entry of MAC addresses incorrect Via the steadyPRINT Center, MAC addresses can be stored as assignment objects. If the entry is once written in upper case once in lower case, the Center will not recognize that it already exists. This problem has been fixed.