Parallel operation of Citrix UPS and steadyPRINT VPD

Description of the problem

We have installed and configured the new steadyPRINT VPD on our terminal servers. Unfortunately, the steadyPRINT VPD printer is not installed although we have followed the instructions. We would like to replace the Citrix UPS. Can you provide further assistance?


A parallel operation of Citrix Universal Print Server and steadyPRINT VPD is not possible. The intervention of the Citrix components into the Windows printing standard is too deep so that a normal and smooth operation in connection with steadyPRINT VPD is no longer possible. We recommene to uninstall or disable the components.
Note: Please note that a deactivation of Citrix UPS via the policies might be realized with a delay.

Citrix Universal Print Server

ID: sP00000 | Created on: 10-Nov-2015

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