Incorrect Client name after taking over session

Description of the problem

It may sometimes happen that in a terminal server environment the client name is not correctly determined when reconnecting the session from another computer.

  1. The user logs on to the terminal server. The client name is correctly identified.
  2. The user logs on to the terminal server via another computer and takes over the existing/disconnecte session. In this case the client name from the first session might remain.

If computers are now assigned via the client name, they will possibly be incorrect as the new client name has not been determined correctly.


In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to run the following SQL-script:

use PrinterMap –- Replace through real database name
 insert into Settings(OptionName, OptionValue) values ('SteadySuite.SteadyPrint.Commons.Settings.Names.Clients.GeneralSettings.EnableMultiHopCassiaClientNameDetection', 'False')

Note: Replace „PrinterMap“ by the name of your steadyPRINT database.

Subsequently, all affected steadyPRINT Agents have to be restarted.

ID: sP00000 | Created on: 22-Oct-2016

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