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steadyPRINT writes important information to the Windows Event Viewer. All normal application components like the steadyPRINT Agent and the steadyPRINT Center store the entries in the Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application. However, the steadyPRINT service components write the information to Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System.


For a deep analysis and debugging of steadyPRINT, a configuration via XML files is required. Thus, the administrator has the Chance to analyse the behaviour per user and to identify possible faults. For this purpose, the Log.xml file has to be copied to the respective directory of the program or service component. Below is a list of the default installation directories:

  • steadyPRINT Agent: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT\PMP
  • steadyPRINT Center: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT\Center
  • steadyPRINT Service: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT\PAS
  • steadyPRINT Server: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT\PSS

Please note that the creation of the Log files is dependent on the specified path within the log configuration file:

  • Log configuration file for output to program directory: Log.XML
    Note: Creates log files directly in the program directory.
  • Log configuration file for Output to APPDATA directory: Log.xml
    Note: Creates log files in the APPDATA directory of the respective user profile, e.g. C:\Users\sP-User\AppData\Roaming\steadyPRINT\PMP\log.

Moreover, the following settings have been predefined in the configuration file:

  • File name: steadyPRINT.log
  • Max. size of log file: 100 MB
  • Number of log files until the oldest one is deleted: 10
  • Log level: DEBUG (all information is written)

In order to control the log level, it is possible to adjust the line „“ from the log.xml file. It defines what kind of information steadyPRINT writes into the log file. Please find the valid configuration values in the following:

  • FATAL: Critical errors,
  • ERROR: Error (default from v6.1.2),
  • WARN: Warnings,
  • INFO: Information,
  • DEBUG: Detailed information from all log levels mentioned above (default up to v6.1.1).

Note: The default logging of steadyPRINT to the Windows Event Viewer remains unaffected.

Important note: The extended logging of steadyPRINT is active until the log.xml file for the respective component is deleted. Longer running times can thus quickly result in large log files. Please delete all configuration and log files after the analysis has been performed.


Configuration file (Log.xml) for the extended logging of steadyPRINT.

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