Problem description

Due to an internal changeover, we would like to create the printer connections with the FQDN, e.g. „\\\printer01“. Is it possible to adjust the name when connecting the printers via steadyPRINT?


The setting whether a printer is connected to the FQDN is to be made in the database. For this purpose, please inser the following SQL instruction into the Microsoft SQL Management Studio or a similar application in order to manipulate the table Settings in the steadyPRINT database.

use PrinterMap
insert into Settings(OptionName, OptionValue)
('SteadySuite.SteadyPrint.Commons.Settings.Names.Clients.GeneralSettings.PreferPrintServerFqdn', 'True')
update Settings set OptionValue = 'False'
where OptionName =

Important: Replace PrinterMap by the name you have chosen for the steadyPRINT database.

ID: sP00000 | Created on: 07-July-2017

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