Error during printing – file is existing (fixed in Version 7.5.1)

Known Issue Version 7.5.0

Description of the problem

I am using my vDirect printer/vPrinter to print. The job is processed but no printout is generated at the printer. The VPD print job overview in the Center displays the error message “The file is existing.” The error suddenly occurs.
What can I do to have the printout work again?


The error message is generated via the steadyPRINT server service (PSS). Under certain circumstances too many temporary files might be created during the printing processes. In order to prevent the print server from having problems with the hard disk space, no more further temporary files are created and thus the described error message is displayed.

In order to enable printing via VPD again, two steps have to be taken:

  1. The folder c:\windows\temp has to be cleared up on the print server on which the printout failed.
  2. Update to steadyPRINT 7.5.1 to ensure that the situation will not occur again after a while.

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ID: sP00000 | Created on: July-20-2018

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