Critical problems with printing system on Windows operating system after Windows updates

Currently, there might be critical problems with the printing system on Windows operating systems.

These problems occur in connection with Windows updates of May and June 2020.

After the installation of the updates, the following problems might occur:

  • Print jobs are no longer printed
  • Print queue crashes
  • Printers are only available after several minutes
  • Some PDFs cannot be printed via VPD
  • Print server is no longer functional

We recommend to perform the following workaround:

  1. Do not install or uninstall updates
    a. If print servers are affected, a rollback (restoration from data backup) might help
  2. If problems occur with PDFs (steadyPRINT VPD):
    a. Use the option “Print as picture” in the PDF Viewer
    b. Provide Windows network printers

Microsoft has published the following articles regarding the affected updates:

External articles can be found under:

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