Installation of steadyPRINT VPD not possible in Citrix environments

Description of the problem:

We have noticed that the steadyPRINT vPrinter is not installed in out Citrix environment although the configuration has been performed according to the instructions. Could you provide further assistance?

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Parallel operation of Citrix UPS and steadyPRINT VPD

Description of the problem

We have installed and configured the new steadyPRINT VPD on our terminal servers. Unfortunately, the steadyPRINT VPD printer is not installed although we have followed the instructions. We would like to replace the Citrix UPS. Can you provide further assistance?

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VPD – Known Issues

Article description

This article describes known issues related to steadyPRINT VPD and possible Solutions.

The steadyPRINT VPD printer uses its own printer driver (steadyPRINT Virtual Printer Driver). In some cases, graphical problems might occur on the printout. In the following you will find different problem descriptions and the appropriate Solutions.

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