Automatic update without function

Description of the problem

We have set up and performed an automatic update via the steadyPRINT Center. Subsequently, the steadyPRINT Agents on the affected Clients switched to the offline mode (the tray went grey), an Agent update, however, did not take place.


A possible cause of error might exist due to a problem when writing the current version into the database during the update routine. The subsequent review of the installed Agent version fails.
A subsequent correction can be made by running a SQL Statement.

Manual correction of the current steadyPRINT version in the database

UPDATE [PrinterMap].[dbo].[Updates]
SET [Version] = '5.1.1'
WHERE [Version] like '5.1.1%'

Note: In case the name of the steadyPRINT database is not PrinterMap, replace it respectively according to its name in the SQL statement above.

ID: sP00000 | Created on: 08-Dec-2014

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