Automatic Replication

Description of the problem

We are currently using steadyPRINT in combination with the reliability function (master- and backup print server). In the steadyPRINT manual we read that after each change of the printers (settings) a new printer replication has to be performed on the master print server so that the backup print server has the same configuration status. Is it possible to automate this process?


The automated replication of the printers from the master to the backup print server is currently not possible. The reason is that potential errors would unintentionally be transferred to the backup print server in a fully automated way. In case the master print server fails, both print servers might no longer be functional and thus the printing function would be completely disturbed. In future, however, it is intended to enable an automated printer replication from the master to the backup print server that can be switched on optionally.

ID: sP00000 | Created on: 07-July-2017

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