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We have noticed that steadyPRINT creates log files in the user profile, or more precisely in the AppData directory. This is desirable and helps us in troubleshooting. Is it possible to adjust the logging so that steadyPRINT writes less information, i.e. only errors?


Since version 6, the file-based logging of steadyPRINT has been enabled by default. The configuration is performed via the automatically installed log.xm. in the respective program directory. An adjustment can be performed with article In case the automatic logging is to be completely disabled, it is sufficient to delete the log.xml in the respective program directory:

  • steadyPRINT Agent: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT\PMP,
  • steadyPRINT Center: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT\Center,
  • steadyPRINT Service: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT\PAS,
  • steadyPRINT Server: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT\PSS.

Configuration file (log.xml) for extended logging of steadyPRINT.

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