Assign printers only to specific users

Description of the problem

In some assignment scenarios it makes sense to connect a printer only to a restricted group of persons. This article describes the process of filtering the assignments based on a group assignment.


In this scenario, the Lexmark T642 printer is to be blocked for all users by default. Only the group Restricted Salesgets the printer automatically connected.

Step 1:

First, the printer has to be blocked for all users. This is done for the printer Lexmark T642 on the basis of the group Domain Users.

Step 2:
Then the requierd printer assignment is created for the printer Lexmark T642 by adding the desired user and/or group (here: group of restricted sales).


In this example, the Lexmark T642 printer is only connected to those users who are members of the group Restricted Sales.

Note: The AD object used for the Printer assignment has to have the same or higher priority than the blocked object. Otherwise, the latter would overwrite the authorization. You will find further information on the prioritization of Printer assignments under


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