symbol-monitor-60px Monitoring & Reporting

Clearly arranged and always up-to-date thanks to steadyPRINT Monitoring and Reporting.

The steadyPRINT Dashboard

  • The steadyPRINT dashboard indicates errors, warnings as well as information on different consumables in your printing environment. The tree view which is built up analog to the steadyPRINT Center enables you to navigate over print servers, folders and printers. Moreover, it is possible to perform a selective filtering by status. This feature could be used, for example, to have all printers with an error or a „low toner“ status displayed.
  • The detail view of a printer provides you with general and extended information as well as an overview on current and fixed errors and warnings.
  • Reports that have been created can be exported to various formats and sent by e-mail.
  • Via the web dashboard, all information can also be accessed in the browser and are thus available even for mobile end devices.

Advanced SNMP Monitoring

  • Thanks to the SNMP Integration, all important printer information can be accessed via steadyPRINT, e.g. toner or paper status, fuser station, printed pages color or monochrome, copies, maintenance or leasing data and many more. The integration of manufacturer-specific Management Information Base (MIB) files enables the query of all printer values. You decide what these values are. This way it is possible to completely integrate even older models into the steadyPRINT Monitoring.

Action Profiles & Alerting

  • Define your action profiles for different events and set up an alert. You can thus arrange that purchasing receives an automatic e-mail as soon as a certain toner fill level is reached or controlling is informed at a certain number of printed pages.
  • Action profiles can be defined for print servers, folders and/or printers.

Displaying the status information

  • The permanent monitoring of the print servers with steadyPRINT keeps you up to date and enables you to react in case of possible errors or problems.


  • Create reports giving you a simple overview of your environment. Let the average printing costs, information about the workstations installed in your company and many more be displayed.
  • In addition, you can use different filters (e.g. date) to restrict the displayed reports.
  • Reports can be exported to different formats and sent by email.
  • By default, two report layouts are stored that can subsequently be adjusted to the customers’ requirements.
  • Reports can also be displayed directly in the tree view in the steadyPRINT Center.

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